As a broad minded single adult I was interested in contacting other adults for adult dating in the New Year.


    Having been single for a number of years I wanted more than just a dinner or lunch meet up. I wanted to be held and have some sexy fun time so appealed to me and seemed to be just the type of meet up that I needed.
    I am not interested in anything long term and I was pleased to see that it gives you the option of a date or a relationship so that there is no mistaking when you meet up what your are looking for.
    Browsing through the daters profiles I saw several interesting prospects and when I created my profile It was a boost to my self confidence when I received several messages in my on site inbox.
    The fact that everything is kept on site is also a great safety feature and made me feel more secure in my choice.
    I have met up with a few of the daters and we both seemed to have some  great adult fun. Of course it is all safe fun and we used condoms and and the usual protection, it is always good to be safe, even though we have both agreed to have adult fun and the safety aspect and we both made the safe sex into a game that had us both in a good mood and actually increased the pleasure and relieve some of the tension that was obvious as it was a first meeting that led to intimacy.
    We also had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the link up so it made the occasion even more fun and special, rather than a cut and dried sexual occurrence.
    I will definitely be seeking out more meet ups for sexy fun on as a way to have sexy fun release without the strings of a relationship.