An online Trans Sex Dating future full of Illusion and hope

    I am 30 years old, but since I was a child I liked feminine clothes, my sisters had very pretty clothes and when they went out and I was alone I tried on their clothes, as I liked to wear their dresses, use their underwear and feel like a woman, I did combinations, I combed my hair and I fixed my hair with their accessories? every time I had the opportunity I did it, nobody noticed it until once I was looking through her things I found a garter belt, nylon stockings and several accessories that caught my attention and I tried them on, they looked divine, I wanted to experiment more and I didn’t know how to do it so I checked on the internet what else I could do while I had those clothes on and I found a number of possibilities to enjoy such a beautiful moment, I felt a strange pressure in my legs and the softness of the stockings combined with the cold air of the room, what a sensation! Click her to find your Trans or Crosdresser date

    Am I Trans Sexual or a Crossdresser?

    I put on a black miniskirt, a blouse with cleavage and I dressed up like a young girl, I looked very good, I was 14 years old and I have long legs, my build is medium and I don’t have a male body, I am very thin, I put padding in my bra which was sensual black and I put make-up on, I felt like going out but I didn’t do it because I come from a very traditional family, I am sure my father would have punished me strongly for these scenes; I enjoyed those moments and every time I could experience new sensations I did the same.

    Am I into Trans-Sex?

    The years went by and I was in my early twenties. In love I changed girls, every now and then I felt very good until I started to enjoy an orgasm as a man, but I was always seduced to know the sensation that a woman has when she is having hers as a woman, it excites me too much and that led me again to have contact with transvestites who started to tell me about the sensations of being penetrated, They did not know that I had desires to experiment as a girl, and they became my friends, again awakened in me the interest to dress as a girl, this time I no longer had my sisters so I decided to buy very pretty feminine clothes, fine lingerie, blouses, polo shirts, leggings, skirts,. . etc., Every time I could I bought more things that I could like (nowadays I have a princess wardrobe very well chosen with good taste) so again I started to enjoy and remember my teenage times with those fine clothes, I spent hours in my room doing my own, but I wanted more and that was to try to show myself in public and meet some manly boy who wanted to be the first man in my life .

    Getting Ready For Trans Sex Dating Online!

    I started to hormone and have better feminine features at first I was scared, but then I made a decision and I have already injected hormones, much better sensations in my body and I feel like my nipples and bust have taken another form I have just been a month and I know that this is irreversible and little by little I will take the decision to show myself is incredible the feeling I currently feel in my bust and nipples, likewise in the hips and calves, those who have started this know what I’m talking about. I would love to have a serious relationship with a man, but in the meantime I have my light touching with the occasional guy, I say light because I am still a virgin. Surely they will think that I am a fool because I have not had a sexual relationship yet, but I hope to have it with the right person, of course my interest is to feel a penetration, to feel a cock on my lips, to feel that they want me and love me, not just once, but to form a couple relationship…. and I will achieve that goal. But i wil start my trans sexdating adventure online!  Find your crossdress or Trans date :click here!