Been on a good adult date lately? If so, I bet you’re likely to describe it as ‘a fun time’. We rarely characterise early dates as being ‘meaningful’ or ‘bonding’, as we feel that the adult date might be a one off or a quick shag and we can be loath to admit an emotional connection which is longer term relationship and be better indicators of the potential for a close relationship.


    That’s because we live in a culture that places a premium on the word ‘fun’. In fact, we view having fun as essential to our wellbeing and adult dating can mean that adults expect the date to be fun so as a dater it is important that you express what you are looking for on an adult date. Whether that is a fun single date or a longer term relationship.


    Many adults feel better physically when they have more fun in their daily lives. In our stressed lives we associate fun with relaxation and releasing stressful emotions, however you need to ensure you are both on the same page and have the same expectations, so one way of doing this is to make sure you put the goals and needs on your Only Adult Dating profile. If you want a longer term relationship, then make that clear on your profile.   Most adults feel they are more irritable and lethargic as a consequence of not having enough fun. We are a generation that expects to have fun most days and without it we feel less successful.


    Only Adult Dating can be fun but you need to make sure you are in a relationship or just looking for a one night stand or a casual shag. Make sure that you are not vulnerable and being swept away with your emotions and making sure that you are really happy and content with your decisions and the adult dating communication that you are in.


    Keeping safe on Only Adult Dating is easy if you stop and think about your decisions and make sure your persona boundaries are in place. Having personal boundaries when you are dating is vital so you need to be strong personally as well as emotionally aware. Personal choices are important and to avoid any misunderstanding make sure you are up front about your requirements in a dating relationship, so keeping your adult dating profile up to date is important as your needs and requirements might change over time.


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