The Lesbian sexual awakening

    It all started one rainy afternoon when I was going to go to my friend Elsie’s house. I don’t know why I was crying and sad that day, the kind of day when you need someone to comfort you. I arrived at my friend’s house but what was my surprise when her mother opened the door, covered only with a bath towel around her body. She smiled and told me that my friend Elsie had gone out with her father and would not be back until the evening. She saw me looking sad and told me not to stand at the door but to come inside. I was very nervous and all I asked for was for someone to cuddle me in their arms.

    Turned on by a lesbian sex date

    She asked me what had happened to me and I told her that without any reason or explanation my boyfriend had left me. Nancy, that was my friend’s mother’s name, asked me if I could be pregnant…I told her that we had never had sex, that it was impossible. Nancy grabbed my chin and lifted my face and at the same time looking me in the eyes she said to me: -Good thing that asshole broke up with you. Her other hand wiped away my tears and she continued: -…let’s see …I want to see that beautiful smile. Nancy, without taking her hands off my face slowly brought her lips to mine and when I came to realise it we were both kissing intensely. I for my part also began to hug and kiss her, I took off the towel that covered her body, leaving her completely naked. Her body surprised me, she didn’t look like my friend’s mother, her breasts were firm and shapely. We continued kissing intensely, her hands touched all over my body while mine went all over hers.

    My first real Lesbian sex experience

    I felt her fingers very softly go under my skirt, to my vulva, while she kept kissing me. Her tongue played with mine inside my mouth, while I, without holding back, remained completely naked. Nancy, began to suck my nipples in a delirious way, slowly lowered her tongue over my skin and continued lowering it until I felt how she began to lick my pussy. The security with which she touched and caressed me made me not worry about anything that was happening to me, and that made me give myself to her even more. The contact of her skin with mine, her mouth caressing my clitoris, drove me crazy. I reached for her too, started kissing and sucking her…. we were both beside ourselves, my moans and hers lulled us, her hands and mine joined until our pussies started rubbing against each other until we both reached a delirious climax. From my pussy came a huge spurt that was impossible for me to control, we were both drenched in my vaginal fluids. IT WAS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE THAT TO THIS DAY…IS OUR BIGGEST SECRET. You can explore your lesbian fantasies here. Join our community of like minded adult lesbians, and meet lesbian women to share your sexual desires with. Click here t join free now!